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Post by Y.Gruiters on Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:11 am

Old IGN(s) : `Phantom7' `Elite[x]' `iSnaek'
New IGN(s) : UsedToLoveYa
Previous clan(s) : EliteCrew - Dope - Wreck(to many meanies) - Stainless
Location : The Netherlands, Noord brabant, Uden.
A replay of you or CW SS's against top clans : I didn't play much CW since there are no people in europe CW. Last record was a 4-2 and another 4-2 Lose versus Draw Clan.

You must be a non-ego player, and know some of the clan members/admins at least to be able to join. .

I'm defenitely non-ego, i don't rage at gaming and as i hear from other people i'm really friendly and i like to help other/new players.
i know Tai Tai, Pinkhere and Spartacus.

Youri Gruiters,

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