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Post by Tai! on Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:58 pm

Copy paste from ijji foruns... lol

Shadow Armor Set

The Big Bad Set
Level: 25
Weight: 41
HP: 11
AP: 106

Junior Hunter Set
Level: 0
Weight: 35
HP: 5
AP: 55

Storm beu Stringer Shotgun
Level: 25
Weight.: 24
Damage: 10
Bullet: 4
Magazine: 5
Delay: 1100
Controllability: 90

TIS Pistol
Level: 25
Weight: 20
Damage: 27
Bullet: 14
Magazine: 6
Delay: 150
Controllability: 26

New itens 20110222092805
New itens 20110222092831
New itens 20110222093131
New itens 20110222093058

That Shadow set is not exactly the typical "set" that we use. It's an Avatar item.
Avatars are a special feature of GunZ 1.5. The whole set just uses 1 slot, not 5. It's like, if you're wearing a Fenrir set and you equip the Avatar, you'll look like the Avatar you equip but your stats will be of the Fenrir set. It's like a mask or disguise. You can't buy the Shadow avatar in 5 parts like any other set.

Also, the Police set avatar that KGunZ uses is for 400 bounty. It's sold in-game.
This Shadow avatar is a cash item.

Again, it's for GunZ 1.5 so I doubt that Ijji will have it anytime soon. KGunZ is like 5 sets ahead anyways. Ijji doesn't give a sh*t about GunZ.


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