Gunz 2 Press release.

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Gunz 2 Press release. Empty Gunz 2 Press release.

Post by Azeriox on Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:53 am

Ok, when i logon tonight i`m kicked from EG so that`s why i call this " my final contribute to EG clan".

I`d like to share the folowing info reagarding to Gunz 2.


Ok, well so far we know a nice chunk of the game. (Not a ton, but its nice for the amount Maiet has given us, and what i've managed to get Venister[CEO of Maiet] to tell me)

RealSpace 3 Engine

Ok so this is Maiet's engine they own to make their games now. From what they have shown us, it is VEEEEERRY impressive for a Free-to-Play MMO Engine, my favorite at the moment [:

1. Graphics
Absalutely AMAZING!!! These photo's are from their new game RaiderZ, which it will be demonstrating for us some of the potential of their RealSpace 3 Engine. Basically, these are the graphics of GunZ 2, not the same art style, but the same graphics. Maybe Gunz 2 might be better being as though you only need to load a confined map as to RaiderZ loading an open world. (More textures with less lag i believe)

Here are some known videos of RaiderZ and the RealSpace 3 Engine in use to help you visualize how GunZ could possibly look like.
RaiderZ Trailer
Another look
And as you can see, there is no BF in RaiderZ lol they've tried
There are more videos out there, just hunt for them yourselves if you want to check out RaiderZ.

2. Engine Features

Real-time Dynamic Environment Lighting
Unlimited Number of Real-time Lights
Dynamic Soft Shadows
Ambient Occlusion
Various Materials

Terrain with LOD
SpeedTree(tm) Integrated
Cloth Simulation
Decal System
Character Animation & Blending
Crowd Rendering

Post Effects
High Dynamic Range Lighting
Lim Light
Motion Blur
Depth of Field
Distortion Effect
Soft Particle

Scene Management
Customizable Scene Editor
Background Resource Streaming

Special Effects
Effects with Authoring Tool
Water Effect

A good video to give you an idea of some of what this means is right here:
GunZ 2 Engine Features(Not my video)
And for those of you who wondered, GunZ 2 WILL use ragdoll feature! Yay! Now I can blast some noob off the top of Stairway with mah shotgun and watch him fly like Leonidis from 300. THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!

Maiet also states that the System Requirements will be set to very low and very high. Which means that if you got a slow and old computer and doesn't play games much better looking that GunZ, it should still run GunZ 2. But if you have a GOOD computer, it will show future generation graphics (Good graphics/effects !!!) So I don't think you HAVE to buy a new computer for GunZ 2 at all, unless you really want those graphics....


Not much has been said about their change in gameplay. They have said it will be very much different from GunZ 1. They also said they have made it more, "Simplified". This worries me because that is what sorted the noobs from the pro's. Hell GunZ 1 INVENTED pros.
I don't know what they mean by "Simplified" but it may or may not be a good thing. Maiet insists that it is very appealing to the players. But lets just hope that it doesn't hand that hard years work of becoming a GunZ pro in the hands of complete newbies to the game in 1 week. Or it may just mean that their "Simplified" gameplay is just more direct to K Style and D Style, such as pressing as many keys. Cause my hands do get tired of dashing and dashing and dashing.....
And for the record, those of you who are complete ******s: THE ARE NOT GETTING RID OF K STYLE AND D STYLE. They are just Re-vamping it.

But they say the core gameplay is still there, sword/daggers and guns, dashing, running on walls, diving, flipping, ect ect.

And one other thing kind of worries me is that Maiet is trying to lock GunZ 2 gameplay so that users don't find out new moves like Insta and stuff, Which is what made gunz so player dependant and kept the game lively entertaining. GunZ 1 had constantly been evolving due to player creativity. Hopefully Maiet hasn't taken away all player inventiveness...

And in a Q/A from Maiet on GunZ 2, this came up:
Q. What is the biggest change in Gunz 2 gameplay?
A. GunZ is a game with a in-fighting characteristic as main. Compare to GunZ 1, we are developing GunZ to in a direction which combines out-fighting with in-fighting properly.

If anybody can explain to me what "in-fighting" and "out-fighting" is, I would be VERY VERY happy (I hope).


Maiet has said that they are changing the story to the game. They're adding story? Yes they are, but the new question isn't What the story is, but How story driven is the game. Me, I love a little background story, but not too much, because eventually you will find things that clash dramatically with their story and it will seem less and less appealing.

Maiet has ALSO hinted story based Character NPC, or at least thats what I think (Shown at the bottom) There are Bulky, Muscly characters that he will soon explain later in December(Most Likely) I think they are story bound characters ^^ What do you think? But all this Story leads to:

Quest Info!!!

Ok, so Venister released a great deal of Quest info!

1. The NPC are much smarter than GunZ 1 (Awww! But I LOVED playing with the goblins while my team tears their boss to pieces!!)

2. They said they are replacing the "Fantasy" Quest enemies with more realistic enemies. And from the looks of their concept art (At Bottom) It seems the new enemies are fricken ROBOTS!!! And that's a good thing because robots seem to fit into GunZ quite nicely.
BUT!!! I really do adore the Monster Type enemies here in GunZ 1 because it really gives you a feel that there is more out there in the GunZ world that wants to kill you other than that other player or robot. I dunno, it just gives me a feeling of a more Deadly/Dangerous idea of the GunZ world, like, theres things out there that want to really kill you and roast you over a campfire. I really wanna kill Lich in GunZ 2 [: Dear Maiet, don't get rid of monsters.

3. (Cant remember )

But anyways, the quest mode in GunZ 2 is almost certainly linked with the story in some way.
I'm certain I missed something but can't quite recall what it is that I've missed. Some of you have already know all or most of this, and some of you haven't known GunZ 2 even existed. Hopefully I've helped and informed some of you out [:

Additional Info

-GunZ 2 Simple Q&A

-Maiet plans and has made LOTS of concept art for GunZ 2, unlike GunZ 1 >_>

-Maiet is going to release concept art, and dare I say it, NO, whisper it..... SCREENSHOTS!!!!! of GunZ 2. They say they there will be 2 screenshots. One of PvE(Player vs Enemy [eg. Quest Monste-- err Robots]) and one of PvP (Player vs. Player [ A typical Deathmatch/Duel]). They say they will release the art, info, and possible screenshots on the 1st and 2nd week of December. You can find Maiets posts of everything Maiet related at their blog:

-For the Big Body/Small Headed people in their Concept Art, Maiet says that the players WILL NOT!!! look like that. They say that there is a reason behind their Small Headed-ness

-In the first picture, the release date was ORIGIONALLY 2009, but Maiet has been pushing it back further and further till now. They Intend to release a beta and/or the game in 2011 (Rumors say it will be released in January 2011 But I wouldn't believe that) So don't worry, next year is just around the corner ^^

GunZ 2 Art made by Maiet

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Gunz 2 Press release. Empty Re: Gunz 2 Press release.

Post by Azeriox on Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:55 am

i`m to lazy to upload all the context photo`s since you allready seen it 2 weeks ago. How ever look up on youtube GUnz 2 engine

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