Gunz 1.5 Offical Information/Current Status.

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Gunz 1.5 Offical Information/Current Status. Empty Gunz 1.5 Offical Information/Current Status.

Post by Azeriox on Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:25 pm

Ok April 05, Gunz Beta Was announced to release in June.
I made my First Char back Then Called Athick/Hornygirl.
The closed beta for ijji GunZ ended on November 15, 2006.
ijji GunZ subsequently went live on November 29, 2006. The live service included clan wars and quest mode. The premium item shop was opened on January 8, 2007. Quest mode was updated on February 14th, 2007. New sounds and voice narrations were added to the game on May 9, 2007.
After may 9th 07 there has been no General Game updates ( cash shop updates arren`t game updates for the once who don`t know this.)
Ijji did how ever Change the server layout several times to be honnest with you guys i can`t remember those exact dates...
Now Maiet Tells us there will be a Closed Company View on 1.5 Gunz 2.0 And Raiders At november 21 2010.
Now i`m olmost 100% sure Ijji Staff / Directory/ Programmers will be there.
Iff you google on G star 2010 There will be a Hit were companies can subscribe to this Pre Beta.

THIS EXPLAINS WHY THIS GM`s Are not aware off the upcoming update.

What will happen after 21/11/2010.

*1 Ijji Will do calculations to see if the Update price is worth The current Market.
*2 Ijji Will have to Update a Very very badly Coded System (since gunz is a Peer to Peer system rather then A server based SQL.)
*3 Iff Ijji Decides to Launch they will mostlikely promote it to the total Gunz Community ( Also the private Servers)
*4 The update itself will not affect The ping system at all I am 100 % sure of that since The kernel of Gunz is based on peer to peer .
* Rewriting It`s Core will take allot longer then Creating A entire new game.
* Now iff Ijji Went through all these steps they have to Inform The forum Gm`s.
* they will Set a Closed BETA ( most likely People who played ijji gunz Since it`s launch at 29 Nov. 2006.)
* After This there will be a Public Launch .

* This Circle will take no more then 6 months.)
* since The game just get`s an update I`m sure everyone will keep there current Prems/Accounts.

* FMT Team of Korean Gunz are for 100 % sure the First beta testers of Gunz 1.5. THIS IS CONFIRMED TO HAPPEND ON 24 Nov. 2010 !.

* iff Ijji does not buy the update Gunz Will die on Ijji Since Maiet already told us they will sell it to other Parties.

I`d Like to Ask Gm_ dexter To sticky this Reply. ( will get rid of 99 % of the total Questions Regarding to 1.5.

sincerely ,

Jeremy te Hoonte.

Gunz player since October 0`5.

Current Ijji IGn`s


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Gunz 1.5 Offical Information/Current Status. Empty Re: Gunz 1.5 Offical Information/Current Status.

Post by yawn on Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:42 pm

Weeeee I guess ? Surprised

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